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Tamaki Suou
"It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, my darling. My name is Tamaki Suou; co-founder and President of the Ouran Host Club here at Ouran Academy. Please, don’t be shy."
"By this Knight’s guiding hand, I’ll whisk you away and fulfill your every desire, my princess.”

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Happy Birthday
by Disney
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4/8 - Happy Birthday Tamaki~

     The summer temperatures resisted to let up even for as the third week of classes at Ouran Academy began again for the second term of the year.

     The air was still warm and scented with the cloying perfumes of summer-time flowers that spread across the neatly trimmed lawn of the school.

     “It’s always disappointing when the summer vacation ends.” A young girl’s fingers gripped the delicate porcelain tea cup while she spoke. “What did you do for this summer vacation?” Another one piped in to ask the first.

     Already the school day was over, said the giant clock tower with its hand’s positioned a little after three, so most of the students were either home or busy with their respective clubs.  This gave the infamous Ouran Host Club free rein over the lushes gardens on the property, now turned into a beautiful work of art made especially for their guests.

     “What about you Tamaki?”

     “What did you do over the summer vacation?”

     Both girls looked expectantly toward the Host King with a dewy gaze. The girls hung on the King’s every word and he on theirs. He leaned forward and rested his elbow on top of the white iron and glass topped table he sat at with his two guests.

     “My summer wasn’t as eventful as yours,” He admitted with a charming smirk to match. “My time was spent missing your beautiful smiles, my princesses.”

     Somehow, all three of them had their hands clasped in one another’s grip and Tamaki sat almost sparkling with a charismatic smile while the two girls nearly balled their eyes out.

     But uneventful wasn’t the word best used to describe Tamaki’s summer vacation. Most of it was spent planning for the Host Club’s future plans. Honey senpai and Mori senpai were both gone and soon both the President and Vice President would be gone too. Unfortunately, “planning” seemed to involve Tamaki waking up excruciatingly and dragging everyone around on silly day trips, and spending long nights over at his best friend, Kyoya’s house.  

     “Oh brother,” Haruhi preparing to serve “her” clients some tea, she couldn’t help but catch the spectacle happening only a few tea tables away—even the twins noticed, it was hard to miss.

     “Doesn’t he ever stop?”  She couldn’t understand how the girls could be so blind and how he could continually keep up the “act”.



“Hey, guys. I was wondering where you all were.”

"HARUHIII!!!" Tamaki swooped in and grabbed onto the brunette’s shoulders. He looked into her large, brown eyes, hoping his conveyed the worry he had felt just moments before.

"You were looking for us?—WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!! DADDY’S BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER THE PLACE!" He cried out. She had been unusually late to the host club and he was so distraught and worried that he couldn’t properly host his own guests. 

Kyoya then made a quick announcement, noticeably irritated with the blond that club would have to be put on hold for only a moment while the brave knight searched for his dear prince.  

The guests loved it of course and Renge put her own two cents in about the flower covered excuse. 

So Tamaki, Kyoya and the twins searched for Haruhi and came up empty handed until they returned. And here she was! Asking where they all were!

"THAT’S IT! YOU’RE GROUNDED! You’re not allowed to leave my sight again, Haruhi!"

//So! I know I havent been on much but Monday is my last class day (wooo!) so I should be back soon!

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"What an honor to be in your top 10, princess." He proudly said with a charming yet knowing grin. 

"And In return I will share with you all of my secrets:

1) One of my favorite classical music pieces is Chopin’s Nocturne in C minor.

2) I love History!

3) Despite what Kyoya says or anyone else says, I think Samurai movies are very relatable

4) I don’t like horror movies or any movie with an unhappy ending.

5) I started playing the piano when I was a boy back when I lived in France and haven’t stopped.

6) I love waking up early, even on the weekends! I feel like I’ve wasted the day if I sleep in too late.

7) I always fall asleep faster if I lay on my left side.

8) Though I may be beautiful, my skills with paint and a brush leave little to be desired. 

9) Spring is my favorite season!

10) I eat ramen nearly everyday at least twice a day!”

Hi nii-chan. I don't know if you'll see this or if you'll even remember me. I used to be Kaoru. But I wanted to wish you a happy birthday <3 I hope everything is well. I miss you!

 //Omg~ Darling! I have missed you! And thank you so much for the Birthday wish! I was just passing by before I head off to school! I’m so happy I did! Thank you lovely!

//Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been gone and neglecting my roleplays! I’ve been taking a class over the summer and its kept me kind of busy. When the class finishes, in a few days, I should be back to roleplay some! I might do some blog clean up as well! I hope everything is going well for everyone else!

//I am just going to post this here! I want all of my rp partners to know that I have not forgotten about you! I’ve been busy working on my OC blog and it should be done soon! Once it is then i’ll be back here again! I really apologize for this though. XD! I’m a slow enough derp as it is! BUT MARK MY WORDS! I’ll be back to love and adore all of my beautiful rp partners. 

((Drabble request for angeliclittledevilkaoru. This turned out to be a bit longer than a drabble and is now a one shot fanfic! I’m sorry it got away from me! I hope you like it though. I’ll post a preview and then I’ll put it all under a read more because its a lot! I hope others enjoy it too. WARNING, I did not proofread XD!))

Drabble Prompt: Enamor Me -  I will write a fluffy drabble about my character trying to woo yours [be it out of the blue/Valentines Day - feel free to specify.] 



A sense of déjà vu gripped Kaoru as he reached the double doors at the end of the hall and reached out to grab the large, brass door handle.

A small bar of light poured into the dark room as Kaoru poked his head in. It was pitch black inside the room and Kaoru was now seriously considering turning and heading back to the safety of his brother’s side. He the rational one out of the two of them but tonight for some reason this room made him want to turn and run.

No.  He couldn’t do that. Someone was waiting for him on the balcony and he needed to meet her. Something told him to take that next step and he did. 


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